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All four of Steven Bognar's films premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. His first, the feature documentary Personal Belongings went on to screen in 27 other festivals including IDFA, San Francisco, Gen Art and Atlanta, where it won the audience award. Personal Belongings has also screened at Lincoln Center, the Wexner Center for the Arts and the Northwest Film Center. The film aired nationally in the U.S. on the PBS series P.O.V., in France/Germany on ARTE and internationally in nine other countries.

Bognar's documentary short Picture Day screened in 20 film festivals internationally, including IDFA, Full Frame and the British Short Film Festival. Picture Day also screened at the Guggenheim Museum and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Contemporary Documentary series. Gravel, his experimental narrative short, played many festivals after its Sundance premiere, and is seen on the Sundance Channel. Bognar has written for the Independent Film & Video Monthly and Indiewire, and has worked for 12 years as a media arts educator in schools, teaching media literacy to thousands of kids.

Over the years, Steven Bognar has worked as a dishwasher, apple orchard farmhand, delivery driver, busboy, movie projectionist, grip, sound recordist and cinematographer. He is the recipient of grants and/or fellowships from the Creative Capital Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the MacDowell Colony, the Ohio Arts Council and, with Julia Reichert, the Rockefeller Foundation.

Reichert is a two-time Academy Award Nominee for Best Feature Documentary for Seeing Red and Union Maids. These films and two others, Growing Up Female and Methadone - An American Way Of Dealing, all screened nationally in the U.S. on PBS. Reichert wrote, produced and directed the feature film Emma & Elvis (which screened at numerous international film festivals), and produced (with Steven Bognar) The Dream Catcher, a feature film directed by Ed Radtke. The Dream Catcher has screened in over 20 international film festivals, won numerous awards and is seen on the Sundance Channel.

Parallel to her filmmaking career, Julia Reichert has worked for years building the independent film community. Filmmaker Magazine recently named her one of the godmothers of American Independent film. On a national level, Reichert co-founded New Day Films, a distribution co-operative for independent films, and The Film Fund, a foundation that supported the making of social issue media, and which led to the creation of the Independent Feature Project. Reichert is also Professor of Motion Pictures at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

Reichert has written for the Independent Film & Video Monthly, authored the classic Doing It Yourself, A Handbook on Independent Film Distribution, and a chapter of With Both Eyes Open, Seeing Beyond Gender, edited by Johnson and Kalvern.

Reichert's work has received funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ohio Arts Council, the American Film Institute, ITVS and several corporations. She has received a Fulbright Fellowship and with Steven Bognar is a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, and has received support from the Ohio Arts Council and the MacDowell Colony.

Line Producer


Line Producer of A Lion in the House and Project Director of mylion.org, Godoy develops independent film and programming for public television. Her forthcoming production, Do Not Go Gently, about the power of imagination in aging, with narrator Walter Cronkite, is being offered nationally by American Public Television to air on PBS stations beginning in May 2007. Classical Quest, a film that compares classical music to time travel, has been airing on PTV from 2000 to the present. In 2004, Godoy completed the interactive virtual community for violinists, violinmasterclass.com, currently used in over 25 countries. Godoy was the coordinating producer and a director for the award-winning NEA & NEH-funded High Definition installation in the Cincinnati Art Museum. In 2003, she served as script supervisor to Julie Dash on Brothers Of The Borderland; and in 2004, she directed What Is Freedom?, both large screen projections at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. During the last presidential election, Godoy was a field producer/director of photography for the cinéma verité feature, Election Day, by Katy Chevigny. Godoy has also produced HD spots for BET. Her programs have earned numerous industry awards including two regional Emmys. She produces Viewfinder, a monthly talk show about independent filmmaking on Cincinnati's public television station, CET.

Associate Producer


National Outreach Manager for the LION project has worked for over 15 years as a counselor, social worker and advocate to at-risk and institutionalized youth and to families in high-risk environments. She knows how to reach underserved communities. Durgans has also worked as an independent filmmaker on a The Visionaries television series episode, "American International Health Alliance-Partners in Health" that aired on public television in 2004. She has two Masters Degrees, in Social Work and Media & Philanthropy and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Senior Editors


Kevin Jones is an independent filmmaker, writer and editor. His editing work includes the broadcast version of Avon Kirkland's Simple Justice and the DVD release of Kirkland's Ralph Ellison: An American Journey. Jones also edited the documentary The Battle For Local 5668 (Shawn Bennett, director) and assistant edited on the documentaries Afghanistan Project (Bonnie Cohen, director), In Search Of Common Ground (Arleigh Prelow, director). Jones has a religion degree from Wright State University and is the writer and director of the short film 18 Months.


James Klein has been an independent filmmaker since 1969. His work has been highly recognized, with two Academy Award nominations, national television airings of every film, and presentation at leading film festivals around the world, including the New York Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival (winner of the top documentary award), and the Cannes Film Festival, among others. Along with his partner, Julia Reichert, he made the first documentary about women from a feminist perspective, Growing Up Female; one of the first oral history films, the Oscar nominated Union Maids; the first film to challenge government policies on heroin addiction, Methadone: An American Way of Dealing; and the first documentary film on American Communists, Seeing Red, which brought their second Academy Award nomination. In 1990, he produced his first solo project, Letter To The Next Generation, which premiered on the national PBS series, POV. His most recent work is Taken For A Ride. As an editor, along other projects, he edited the feature film, The Dream Catcher, winner of numerous international festivals including the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, and was editor of the Sundance award-winning documentary, Scout's Honor. Klein has served seven years on the board of the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers.


Mary Lampson is an award-winning independent documentary filmmaker and editor. Lampson co-edited the academy-award wining documentary Harlan County, USA and worked as an editor on many other independently produced documentary features. She has worked with Emile de Antonio, Ricky Leacock, D.A. Pennebaker, Barbara Kopple and, most recently, with Julia Reichert, Steve Bognar and Anne Makepeace, Michael Tucker and Jill Eikenberry. Lampson has also worked in the dramatic format. Her film Until She Talks was produced independently and aired on the PBS series American Playhouse. Until She Talks won Best Film Made for Television at the Mannheim Film Festival, a Cine Golden Eagle, a Blue Ribbon at the American Film Festival and Best Short Dramatic Film at the Athens Film Festival. She has produced over 25 short live action films for Sesame Street. She has been a fellow and advisor at Robert Redford's Sundance Institute. She also teaches filmmaking to children as an artist-in-residence at all levels of K-12.


Jaime Meyers was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. While in film school there, she wrote and directed Worn Down, a short film which won the Director's Choice Award at the Black Maria Film Festival. She has worked as an editor for more than 8 years. Her repertoire consists of documentary and television specials for PBS, The Discovery Channel, Encore, BET and Fox Movie Channel, as well as the Sundance Official Selection A Lion in the House. Jaime has also been involved as an editor on the DVD featurettes of more than 25 wide release motion pictures. She lives and works in Los Angeles and is at present editing a narrative feature film.

Photographed, Recorded, Produced, Directed by
Steven Bognar & Julia Reichert

Edited By
Steven Bognar
Kevin Jones
James Klein
Mary Lampson
Jaime Meyers

Associate Editors
Julia Reichert
Ann Rotolante
Sarah Silver

Line Producer
Melissa Godoy

Associate Producers
Karen Y. Durgans
David Davis

Additional Camera & Sound
David Ackels
Thea Lux
Michael King
Seth Mulliken
Alvoro Leite
Barbara Wolf
Assistant Editors
Brent Huffman
Beth O'Brien
Peter Ridgeway
Leilah Weinraub

Key Production Assistant
Dan Misch
Production Assistants
Scout DeBartolo
Alice Goguen
Laura Lindle
Marko Packard
Carl Reeverts
Lela Reichert Klein
Philister Sidigu
Christian Totty
Key Logging & Transcription
Dr. Rebecca Podurgiel
Logging & Transcription
Phoebe Abraham
David Ackels
Dr. Kristen Beck
Dr. Rama Chandrashekaran
David Clough
Dr. Katharine Conway
Georgiana Gomez
Lauren Heaton
Audrey Jajich
Katrina Kittle
Dr. Lynn McDonald
Dr. Elizabeth McIlduff
Dan Misch
Seth Mulliken
Dr. Matt Ohr
Annie Reichert
Philister Sidigu
Leonard Suwalski
Christian Totty
Marty Vincent
Production Accountants
Susan Murphy
Sharon Wescott
Production Manager for ITVS
Kiara Grunning-Harris
National Outreach Partner Manager
Susan Latton
National Outreach Team
Debra Armstrong
Suzanne Froelich
Cindy Burstein
Amy Steinkuhl

National Outreach Manager
Karen Y. Durgans

ITVS National Outreach Manager
Dennis Palmieri

ITVS National Outreach Coordinator
Locsi Ferra

Public Relations/Publicity
Randall Cole & Desiree Gutierrez, ITVS
Colby Kelly & Karen Salerno, Kelly & Salerno Communications

Senior Consulting Editors
Nathaniel Dorsky
James Klein
Consulting Editors
Austin Allen
Erik Bork
Michelle Y. Davis
Tony Heriza
Paul Hill
Steve James
Russ Johnson
Mary Lampson
Brad Lichtenstein
Rob Moss
Gordon Quinn
David Simpson
Yvonne Welbon
Creative Consultants
Thanos Fatouros
Lela Reichert Klein

Original Score By
Tim Berger & Ed Radtke
Charles Engstrom
Post Production Assistants
Travis Campbell
Amy Cunningham
Mike Dittiacur
Alex Mangen
Annie Reichert
Joe Telich
Post-Production Superwoman
Ann Rotolante

On-Line Mastering & Color Correction
Glue Editing & Design, New York City

Colorist / On-Line Editor
Steve Pequignot

On-Line Assistant
Michael Schreck

Post Production Sound
Sound One Corporation, New York City

Re-Recording Mixer
Reilly Steele

Sound Designer / Foley & Ambiance
John Mays

Foley FX Ambiance Editor
Amy Cunningham

Dialogue Editors
William Orrico
Nicholas Renbeck
Jeff Stern
Stuart Stanley
John Werner

Music Engineer
David Murphy

Stage Editors
Allen Sai-yin Lau
William Orrico

Sound Consultant
Lew Goldstein

Post Production Sound Assistants
Daisy Blakelock
Rober Kubish
Alex Mangen
Kevin Martt

Post Production Sound Support
Russ Johnson

Narration Recording
Sound Space, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Joe Tritschler, engineer

Additional Post Production Sound
John McDaniel, Sonic Arts, Cincinnati
Pete Winter, Winterstone Productions, Tallahassee

A Lion in the House is a co-production with the
Independent Television Service (ITVS)

Executive Producer For ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Funding Provided by the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Lance Armstrong Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
The Program for Media Artists
Ohio Arts Council
Additional support from
The MacDowell Colony
Wright State University Faculty Development Fund
Special Thanks to:
Claire Aguilar
Dr. Robert Arceci
Lance Armstrong
Kevin Brady
Andree Bognar
Dave Davis
Jack Dominic
Anna & Staffan Erickson
Dr. Harold Freeman
Betsy Goldberg
Lauran Heaton
Susan Howarth
Pam Jackson
Diana Jeffery
Eric Johnson
Russ Johnson
Dr. Lovell Jones
Jim Klein
Richard Lapedes
Susan Latton
David Liu
Elizabeth Logan Harris
Lauren Heaton
Maureen Lynch
Margaret McGurk
Carol Mintz
Gordon Quinn
Deborah Shaffer
Mary Sheridan
Jay Silver
Dr. Franklin O. Smith
Katherine Smith
Jim Sommers
Dr. Emmanuel Taylor
Dr. Armin Weinberg
Dr. Patrick Wickham
Yvonne Welbon
Mary T. White
Patrick Wickham
Doug Ulman
Laura Zauderer and
Lela Reichert Klein
Development & Ongoing Support From
Oregon Public Broadcasting

Special Thanks to
CET - Greater Cincinnati Television Educational Foundation
Wright State University
Wexner Center for the Arts

Special Thanks Also to the People of
Yellow Springs & Dayton, Ohio,
ITVS and the MacDowell Colony for their ongoing support of this film
Thank You
Noah Adams
Pam Arnold
Mike Ballard
Elizabeth Barret
Jonas Bender
Aurelia Blake
Tania Blanich
Diane Blum
Larry Bogdanow
Bela & April Bognar
John Bognar
Anne Bohlen
Jim Bracciale
Wendy Breitman
Anita & Michael Brown
Selena Burks
Diane Butler Hughes
Mary Campbell Zopf
Susan Carpenter
Cozetter Carroll
J. Clements
Bonnie Crawford
Beth Cullen Canarie
Ed Davis
Julia DeBruicker
Dr. Charles Derry
Jill Downey
Neenah Ellis
Sigve Endresen
Mindy Faber
Dr. Harold Freeman
Dan Friedman
Michelle Friesz
Sharon Gavlick
Robert Goodman
Ed Grant
Kiara Grunning-Harris
Sandy Heberer
Tony Heriza
Lisa Heller
Chris Hill
Bill Horrigan
David Hughes
Jeff Huntington
Diana Jeffery
Alison Kennedy Maier
Nancy Klein
Peter Kinoy
Alvoro Leite
Geralyn LaNeve
Aileen LeBlanc
Ruby Lerner
Lisa Luczek
David Macy
Michelle MacLean
Asa Mader
Rami Marcus
Annetta Marion
Joshua Marston
Jim McKay
Barbara McQuiston
Jonathan McNeal
David Mezera
Galen Miller
Kristi Moster
Rachel Moulton
Ann Murphy
Chris Murphy
Mary Ann Neilson
Desiree Nickell
Eff Norwood
Migiwa Orimo
Liz Porter
Ed Radtke
Pete Rangel
Annie Reichert
Jan Rofecamp
Chantal Rousseau
Ira Sachs
Tom Shepard
Dr. Leslie Schover
Deborah Shaffer
Mary Smith
Allison Sole
Susan Stern
Maria Alvarez Stroud
Maya Stutzman
Mike Sullivan
Nick Szuberia
Milton Tabbot
Blake Tewksbury
Mary Ann Thyken
June Tierney
Barbara Tuss
Frank Tuttle
Lois Vossen
Laura Welsh
Sarah Werner
Hannah Weyer
Mary T. White
Jim Wiener
Shelly Wight
Jerome Wilson
Steve Wishnet
Dr. Stephen Wyatt
Pam Yates
Lise Yasui
David Zeiger
Richard Zopf
Thanks to:

Arnold P. Gold Foundation
Cancer Care
Creative Capital
Digital Shorts, Dayton, Ohio
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
IFP (Independent Feature Project)
Graphics Terminal
Kartemquin Films
Keahey Graphics
Levin Family Foundation
The National Center for Outreach (NCO)
Toronto Documentary Forum
Tussing Elementary School, Pickerington, Ohio
Wright State University School of Medicine
Dean, R. Howard Part
Yellow Springs Senior Center

National Partners & Advisors:
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Cancer Society
Association of Oncology Social Work
Association of Pediatric Oncology Nurses
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Children's Cause for Cancer Advocacy
CureSearch: Childhood Cancer Foundation
CureSearch: Children's Oncology Group
Gilda's Club Worldwide
Health Ministries Association
Hope Street Kids
Intercultural Cancer Council
Lance Armstrong Foundation
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
National Association of Social Workers
National Black Nurses Association, Inc.
National Cancer Institute
National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Oncology Nursing Society
Padres Contra El Cáncer

"Truck In A Field"
Composed by Charles Engstrom
Performed by Sonny Kompanek
Published by Alligator Rouge Music (ASCAP)
From the Orion motion picture "Ulee's Gold"
Courtesy of MGM Music Inc.
Under license from Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

"Visiting Day"
Composed by Charles Engstrom
Performed by Sonny Kompanek
Published by Alligator Rouge Music (ASCAP)
From the Orion motion picture "Ulee's Gold"
Courtesy of MGM Music Inc.
Under license from Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.

"When it Don't Come Easy"
Written and performed by Patty Griffin
From her album "Impossible Dream"
©2004 Almo Music Corp/One Big Love Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy of ATO Records


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